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Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
Introduction to TalentLMS (SAMP1)
This course comprises several video tutorials that describe a variety of talentlms functions.
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Content and TalentLMS (SAMP2)
Content and TalentLMS (SAMP2)
What type of content can you use with TalentLMS? Let's find out on this quick course.
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Future technologies (SAMP3)
Future technologies (SAMP3)
A number of short video explanations of interesting and important questions regarding technology and how it can impact the future of man kind. This is taken from the "Big Think" with Michio Kaku as host.
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Money as debt (SAMP4)
Money as debt (SAMP4)
Money as Debt is a short animated documentary film by Canadian artist and filmmaker Paul Grignon about the monetary systems practiced through modern banking. The film presents Grignon's view of the process of money creation by banks and its...
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Social media (SAMP5)
Social media (SAMP5)
This course explains what is Social Media, their history, how they can help us communicate in the modern Era, and why they have become so popular.
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Performing CPR (SAMP6)
Performing CPR (SAMP6)
The aim of this course is to provide you with the basic knowledge of how to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if you are not trained in first aid and find yourself in a situation where performing CPR could save a casualty's life. (This...
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The basics of OHMs law (SAMP7)
The basics of OHMs law (SAMP7)
This course will provide you with basic knowledge of OHM's law and how it relates to electrical circuits. It contains fifteen slides of content and will take you about 15 minutes to complete. (This is a SCORM course)
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